Satisfying Searcher's Task Completion... What Can Einstein Teach Us?

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Satisfying Searcher's Task Completion... What Can Einstein Teach Us?

Although Einstein's "Theory of General Relativity", revolutionized physics, and humanity's understanding of the Universe in general, these ideas can also be used to improve SEO...

We learned from Einstein that the Universe is affected by your speed and position. Different people, at different speeds, and in different places, might make different observations. How does this apply to SEO?

Searcher Task AccomplishmentGoogle is, in our metaphor, the Universe. Take a look at your website and the search-based ranking it has achieved. The environment in which you compete will impact your ability to capture rankings. If your website provides a service to a community and there aren't any other websites in the area, then it would be easy to capture strong keyword rankings. Even though your website could be a disaster, it could still rank #1. However, the same website could perform poorly in highly competitive markets. The search environment you are competing in will determine your ability to achieve meaningful search-based rankings. You can compete in a small market with a poor website and average SEO. Your website must be unique if you want to succeed in a competitive market.

Google wants to show websites that are most likely satisfy a search query in its search results. Google uses "searcher's task achievement" to determine which websites are most likely to be displayed in its search results. Websites that meet the purpose of a search will rank higher on Google. To remain competitive on Google your website must be able to answer the search query better than any of your competitors. This is a complex process that is perhaps as complicated as Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

What does "searcher’s task completion" actually mean and how can you achieve it? This equation has hundreds of components, such as:

What is the speed of your website?

Does your website look great? If there's competition, appearance matters a lot. Have you ever walked into a dirty grocery shop?

Is your website providing quality content that clearly explains what you do?

Is your website mobile-friendly

Is your website organized? Are people able to find the information they need easily?

What can you offer that is superior to your competition? Pricing, testimonials, results, guarantees, etc.

These factors, along with a multitude of others, combine to answer one question: Who's website is most effective at "searcher task accomplishment?" You can then create an SEO strategy that will help you achieve meaningful rankings.

You need to find your competitors first. You can search Google for the phrases your customers use to find out which websites are consistently at the top of Google's search results. Study these websites to help you improve your website. Your website will have more content, look sharper and be better organized. It will also make it easier for you to communicate with your company. SEO does not have to be the best. Only the best website is necessary for the market you are serving. To make your website stand out in a highly competitive market, you need to be willing to invest the time and effort necessary to create it. Google will reward you for your efforts over time.

Warning: Do not underestimate your competition. Also, be aware that it can be very difficult to rank high in search engines. There are many factors you need to consider. Your new website design might have elements that aren't SEO-Friendly.

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