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5280 Gourmet is a Denver-based small independent business specializing in gourmet and holiday gift basket delivery locally and nationwide. These handcrafted baskets feature a variety of products including olives, pickles, cookies, brownies, pastries, candy, meats, charcuterie, coffee, tea, cocktail mixes, truffle products, chocolates, jams, fruit paste, cheese, and more. With safe contactless masked deliveries during COVID-19 and same-day delivery options on weekdays in the Metro Denver area, 5280 Gourmet offers unique and custom gourmet creations for various occasions like birthdays or holidays. They also provide corporate gift options and customizable gift baskets for a personalized touch.

Established as a go-to destination for themed and holiday gift baskets with quality ingredients sourced from Denver and beyond, 5280 Gourmet ensures that each basket contains fresh and great products. They offer a wide range of selections from breakfast items to vegan options to office fruit deliveries. Whether it's a special event or simply to show someone you care, 5280 Gourmet's expertly crafted gift baskets are designed to delight recipients both locally in Denver and across the United States with shipping available to Alaska and Hawaii.