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AAA Mobile Solutions

23100 Rd 201, Lindsay, CA 93247
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AAA Mobile Solutions is a company that specializes in emergency disaster response, basecamp, and special event services. They offer a wide range of services, including restroom and shower trailer rentals. Whether it's for national incidents or local planned events, AAA Mobile Solutions is equipped to provide mobile equipment and support. Their inventory includes mobile shower units, mobile laundry units with high-efficiency washers and dryers, mobile sleeper units, yurt-style tents with HVAC, mobile sink trailers with individual vanities, command trailers, potable water tankers, and grey water vacuum trucks.

The company has extensive experience in emergency and disaster response services such as wildland fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and droughts. They also provide military support and cater to private industry events. AAA Mobile Solutions takes pride in their attention to detail, quality equipment, friendly service, and timely performance. They hold contracts with federal, state, and local government agencies as well as non-profit organizations and private companies.