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Advanced Underground Imaging Services LLC Logo

Advanced Underground Imaging Services LLC

360 Washington St N, Twin Falls, ID 83301
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Advanced Underground Imaging is a locally owned business based in Twin Falls, Idaho. They specialize in leak detection, utility locating, ground penetrating radar, and pipe camera services. Whether it's finding hidden leaks or mapping out underground utilities, Advanced Underground Imaging uses advanced technology to provide accurate and efficient solutions.

Their leak detection services allow them to locate leaks without the need for extensive digging, saving time and minimizing disruption. For utility locating, they help residential and commercial customers across Idaho and Twin Falls properly identify and mark the location of water lines, gas lines, and electric lines before starting a project.

Advanced Underground Imaging also offers ground penetrating radar services to quickly detect subsurface utilities, whether metallic or non-metallic. This technology helps identify the precise placement and depth of service utilities and other important targets.

Additionally, they provide pipe camera services that offer video imaging of pipes to assess their condition and accurately mark their location.

With their commitment to quality service and advanced technology, Advanced Underground Imaging is dedicated to helping customers in Twin Falls and Idaho with their leak detection, utility locating, ground penetrating radar, and pipe camera needs.