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American Foundation & Waterproofing

1503 Old Mount Tabor Rd, Maryville, TN 37801
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American Foundation & Waterproofing is a reputable local business in Maryville, Tennessee that has been providing foundation repair, concrete repair, and waterproofing services since 2007. They specialize in addressing issues related to foundations, basements, crawl spaces, and concrete surfaces. The knowledgeable team at American Foundation & Waterproofing is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and finding the best solutions for their clients.

Some of the services they offer include foundation repair using techniques like foundation piers and wall support systems. They also provide comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions to address issues such as water damage, mold growth, and musty odors. For crawl spaces, they offer encapsulation and repair services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for homeowners. Additionally, they specialize in concrete leveling to eliminate tripping hazards caused by sunken or uneven concrete slabs.

If you're located in Maryville or the surrounding area and are in need of reliable foundation repair, concrete repair, or waterproofing services, American Foundation & Waterproofing is a trusted choice. You can reach out to them at 865-982-0250 to schedule a free inspection or learn more about their offerings.