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AquaGuard in Atlanta, GA, is the leading provider of basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and encapsulation, foundation repair, and concrete lifting services in Georgia. They offer a variety of techniques and products to repair and stabilize foundations of buildings and houses. AquaGuard has been serving Greater Atlanta, Marietta, Rome, Athens, and other areas in Georgia for over 29 years. With a team of experienced professionals like Raymond, Paul, Chris Risley, Colin Jansen, George Hiteshew, Tim, Davon, James Figueroa, Shaun, Koby, Mike Hankins, and more, AquaGuard ensures top-notch service quality and customer satisfaction.

AquaGuard takes pride in its high-quality work and personalized service tailored to meet each homeowner's specific needs. The company specializes in providing solutions for waterproofing basements, repairing foundations and concrete support structures. Whether it's crawl space repair or concrete lifting services needed in Atlanta or North Georgia areas like Rome or Athens, AquaGuard's team is dedicated to ensuring homeowners have peace of mind with stable and dry homes. They offer free inspections for services like Crawl Space Encapsulation, Driveway Repair, Dehumidifier Installation, Sump Pumps Installation & Maintenance among others.