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Autism Parent Logo

Autism Parent

Henderson, NV

The Autism Parent is a website that provides an easy-to-follow ABA training curriculum for parents to teach critical skills to their children with autism. The curriculum covers various areas such as language/communication, independence, school readiness, social skills, daily living skills, toilet training, exercise, and nutrition. The Autism Parent Toolbox offers ABA training courses for parents to use as a supplement to ABA services or while waiting for services. The website also offers an All Access Membership that provides access to all ABA training courses, demonstration videos, target teacher curriculum, photo flashcards, data sheets and forms, and new content.

Additionally, the About Us page on the website introduces the founders of The Autism Parent - Lena Sankovich and Vincent Moncada. They created the platform with the belief that parents are the most important individuals in their children's lives and have the power to make a significant impact on their learning and independence. The goal of The Autism Parent is to provide parents with the necessary tools and resources through ABA training courses to help their children thrive.