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B&B Pipe & Industrial Tool

527 Michigan St, South Houston, TX 77587
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B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools offers a range of industrial pipe jacks and stands, which are widely used in the field for pipeline holding equipment. These pipe jacks and stands are designed to help pipe fabricators securely hold pipes at a safe and ergonomic elevation, increasing productivity. Made from quality steel tube and pipe, these industrial jacks and stands are durable and competitively priced. The B&B website provides detailed information on various types of jacks and stands available, including fixed and folding pipe jacks (tri-stand), fixed leg pipe jack, folding leg pipe jack, six-foot folding pipe jack, duo pipe stand, adjustable pipe roller, multi-roll pipe roller, 3-leg giant jack, 5-leg giant jack, roller stand (heavy duty), quick change rollers, uno pipe jack stand, and tri-stand chain vice. By offering reliable products that can withstand the rigors of job sites while delivering value for money, B&B has established itself as a trusted provider of pipeline holding equipment.