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Barrett Contracting

10630 Chandler Rd, La Vista, NE 68128
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Barrett Contracting is an Omaha-based concrete contractor that has been in business since 1966. Originally known as Barrett Masonry, the company started as a small, family-owned business specializing in residential masonry work. Over the years, they have evolved and expanded their services to become a trusted provider of poured foundations and footings.

With over 50 years of experience, Barrett Contracting is committed to delivering honest and high-quality workmanship on every project. They prioritize clear communication with homeowners, builders, and other partners to ensure a successful outcome. The company also invests in the growth and training of their employees, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform top-notch concrete pouring services.

If you're in need of residential poured foundations and footings in the Omaha area, Barrett Contracting offers free estimates for your project. Contact them through their website or give them a call at (402) 253-2363.