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Bearded Monkey Tactical Logo

Bearded Monkey Tactical

Aurora, CO

Bearded Monkey Tactical is a Colorado-based organization that offers a podcast covering fitness, firearm training, and sociopolitical topics. The organization aims to help individuals adopt a growth mindset and improve their lives through fitness, mindfulness, and a tactical approach to everyday stresses. The podcast features interviews with people from various backgrounds and covers a wide range of topics. In addition to the podcast, Bearded Monkey Tactical provides tactical fitness classes and firearm training programs in Colorado, catering to both military/law enforcement professionals and civilians interested in self-defense and fitness.

Founded in 2021 by Cody & Lasamoa Lanier, Bearded Monkey Tactical is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on humanity by offering training and support to those who seek it. The organization aims to help individuals "get the monkey off their back" by adopting a true growth mindset. They believe that discipline is a skill that can be learned and offer guidance and training materials to assist individuals in improving their lives. With their podcast, classes, and training programs, Bearded Monkey Tactical provides valuable insights, practical tips, and high-quality information for individuals looking to enhance their physical and mental readiness for any situation.