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Bend Tooling Inc Logo

Bend Tooling Inc

1009 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
✅ webKnow Trusted Business

Bend Tooling is a leading tooling supplier in the US and worldwide, specializing in mandrels, dies, and other tube-bending machine parts. With over three decades of experience, Bend Tooling has established itself as an industry pioneer in inserted tube bending tools and machine parts. They introduced inserted mandrel and wiper tooling to the tube-bending industry over 30 years ago and have continuously improved their design and manufacturing processes.

Bend Tooling offers a wide range of high-quality products to meet the needs of end-users, builders, and distributors of rotary-draw tube-bending machines. Their product lineup includes die sets, mandrels, and wipers in various styles such as inserted, double-inserted, quick-change, integrated stack, platform, and tapered-leaf. These products are precision-machined to completion for superior fit and finish.

One of the key advantages of Bend Tooling's inserted tooling is its cost-effectiveness. By stocking inexpensive inserts instead of complete mandrels and wipers, customers can minimize downtime waiting for replacement tooling. Additionally, inserted tooling allows for easier switching between tooling materials for different applications.

Bend Tooling takes pride in its expertise and commitment to quality. They have an experienced management and engineering team that provides expert recommendations on tube-bending process control. Their products are manufactured using proprietary metallurgy and heat treatment techniques for precision, toughness, and durability.

Overall, Bend Tooling is a trusted supplier known for its top-quality tooling solutions that help customers achieve efficient and precise tube bending operations.