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Blue Umbrella Medical Center is a unique practice that offers innovative solutions for chronic health conditions. The center uses an integrated team of providers to provide effective treatment options. Their services include chronic pain management, regenerative sports medicine, incontinence treatment, chiropractic care, anxiety and depression therapy, allergy immunotherapy, neuropathy treatment, IV therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, medical nutrition therapy, and strength & mobility training. The center takes a whole-person approach to healthcare and focuses on finding safe and effective non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical options for their patients. They aim to provide lasting treatment solutions by addressing the root causes of chronic conditions.

Blue Umbrella Medical Center was created to bring leading-edge innovations in healthcare to Middle Tennessee. The center prides itself on its highly effective protocols and state-of-the-art technologies that deliver real results for patients. The center's integrated approach combines the best practices of modern medicine with holistic healthcare to provide exceptional care without relying on medications or surgeries. The team at Blue Umbrella Medical Center consists of clinical directors from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who work together to meet the diverse needs of their patients.