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Boat Wired is a Seattle-based marine electrician specializing in boat wiring, electrical repair, installation, and more. Their team of experienced ABYC Member Marine Electricians is capable of handling any job, from full rewires to charging systems and distribution panels. Whether you need a new electrical installation, repair, or upgrade for your boat's electrical system, Boat Wired can get it done right. They prioritize professionalism and safety in every project and strive to provide customers with functional and safe electrical systems. Book an appointment with Boat Wired today to experience their reliable marine electrical services.

Some of the services offered by Boat Wired include electrical surveys, boat wiring and rewiring, battery and charging systems, shore power repair, electronics installation, generator installation, and electrical troubleshooting. They also offer ongoing maintenance and checkups for boat electrical systems. Boat Wired takes pride in being an ABYC Member and ensures that every installation, repair, or wiring project is done correctly and up to safety standards. With their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, Boat Wired is the go-to choice for marine electrical services in Seattle.