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The Law Offices of Brian M. Radke is a law firm located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Attorney Brian M. Radke specializes in various areas of law, including real estate, estate planning, litigation, and family law. When it comes to residential real estate transactions, Radke emphasizes the importance of having a lawyer on your side to ensure that your best interests are represented and to avoid potential problems that could cost you significant amounts of money or even jeopardize your home. The firm offers services for both home sellers and buyers, such as contract review and modification, review of attorney's modifications and inspection requests, ordering title insurance and surveys, obtaining necessary documents from homeowner associations or condo associations, ordering well and septic evaluations if applicable, handling mortgage payoff statements, ensuring compliance with local transfer tax requirements, preparing sale documents and scheduling closings. Radke also assists homebuyers with contract review and modifications, home inspections, monitoring contract contingency deadlines to protect earnest money deposits, scheduling closings, attending closings personally to explain all loan documents and conveyance documents as well as reviewing evidence of title and ensuring proper preparation of the deed before recording it with the county recorder's office. The firm serves clients in Crystal Lake as well as Libertyville, Chicago, Rolling Meadows by appointment.