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CHILD USA is a leading national nonprofit think tank that advocates for the civil rights of children and works towards the prevention of child sexual abuse. Their mission is to protect children, prevent future abuse and neglect, and bring justice to survivors through in-depth legal analysis and cutting-edge social science research. They fight for the rights of children to be free from child sex abuse through legal reform and holding institutions accountable. They also advocate for the rights of children to medical care and a quality education. CHILD USA works towards creating a safer world for children by reforming statutes of limitations for child sex abuse, ending child marriage, and addressing the abuse and neglect of athletes.

The organization offers resources on their website, including a Hamilton Library with information on child sexual abuse, a 2023 SOL Tracker for up-to-date news on statutes of limitations, and an annual gala fundraiser. They also provide educational materials through their newsletter, which features their latest research, analysis, commentary, and events. Users can stay connected with CHILD USA through their social media channels.