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Cascade Springs Healthcare is a provider of compassionate home health care, hospice services, and palliative care in Clearfield, UT. Their team of dedicated home nurses and health care professionals are committed to supporting the well-being and recovery of their patients. Cascade Springs offers personalized in-home health care services for seniors, as well as assistance with personal home care. They believe in a fully supportive team approach to create the best environment for their patients' recovery. Cascade Springs is known for its high-quality care and positive outcomes.

In terms of services, Cascade Springs Healthcare provides home health care, palliative care, and hospice services. Their home health care includes skilled nursing services such as chronic disease management, medication management, diabetic management, post-surgical care, wound care, pain management, and IV therapy. They also offer physical therapy for fall prevention programs, balance and gait training, and strength and endurance training. Occupational therapy services include home adaptation for safety and low vision programs. Additionally, they provide speech therapy for improving communication skills and restoring safe swallowing ability. Palliative care is available to assist with pain management and improve the patient's quality of life while seeking curative treatments. Overall, Cascade Springs Healthcare aims to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to their patients.