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Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services LLC Logo

Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services LLC

Dundalk, MD

Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC. is a locally owned and operated cleaning and junk removal company serving Maryland, DC, Delaware, and Virginia. They are highly regarded with a five-star rating and are known for their transparent pricing and environmentally conscious approach to cleaning and junk removal. The company takes pride in their ability to handle even the most challenging tasks, including managing personal items or sentimental articles encountered during the clean-out process.

Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC. undergoes annual background checks and carries multiple insurance policies to provide trustworthy and secure services. They offer a range of services, from single-item removal to comprehensive house cleanings. Their expertise extends to cleaning hoarded houses and homes affected by squatters, showcasing their versatility.

As a family-owned business, they prioritize old-fashioned customer service and strive to deliver top-notch facilities maintenance and janitorial services across various facilities such as commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, condos/apartments, shopping centers, tourist areas, churches, and restaurants. Their comprehensive services include pressure washing, deep sanitizing, hydrostatic sanitizing, junk/trash removal, and more.

For reliable commercial cleaning services backed by experience and dedication to environmental sustainability, contact Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC.