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Circuit Works is a fitness studio in Santa Monica that is dedicated to helping individuals live happier and healthier lives. Their mission is to bring out the inner athlete in everyone through motivational strength training and HIIT workouts led by professional trainers. The studio welcomes individuals of all fitness levels and offers a supportive and inclusive environment.

Circuit Works values consistency, discipline, perseverance, and focus, which are qualities shared by elite athletes. They believe that as individuals improve their physical fitness and health, they also undergo mental and emotional transformations.

The approach at Circuit Works involves pushing clients to work harder and challenging them to reach their goals. The trainers provide accountability and support to help clients achieve success. The studio offers a variety of services including HIIT classes, reformer pilates, yoga, personal training, open gym access, cold plunge sessions, infrared sauna sessions, and a wellness clinic.

For more information about Circuit Works' approach and values, you can visit their website's "About Us" page.