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Rubber Sealant and Disinfectant is a company that offers a range of cleaning and disinfecting products specifically designed for rubber floors and mats. Their product lineup includes a Multi-Purpose Disinfectant, Facility Disinfectant System, Green Cleaner, and Neutral pH Cleaner & Degreaser. These products are effective against bacteria and viruses commonly found in human-use facilities like hospitals, hotels, gyms, and restaurants. They are also safe for the environment and economical to use. Rubber Sealant and Disinfectant's rubber floor cleaner and degreaser is formulated to be gentle on rubber surfaces while effectively removing dirt and grease. Their rubber flooring sealant is suitable for both virgin and recycled rubber flooring, offering durability, stain resistance, waterproofing, and easy maintenance. Clean Break Technology, the parent company of Rubber Sealant and Disinfectant, is a service-disabled Veteran-owned small business.