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Clean Hamper is a locally owned and operated laundry washing service in Binghamton, NY, serving the Broome County area. They offer a range of services including washing and folding, specialty cleaning of larger items, stain and spot removal, hang drying, and ironing. Customers have the option to drop off their laundry at Clean Hamper's facility or have it picked up and delivered back to them.

The management team at Clean Hamper has a strong background in the cleaning and service industry and is passionate about serving the local community. They understand that time is valuable and aim to give their customers back the time spent on doing laundry so they can focus on other priorities in life.

Clean Hamper's mission is to provide quality, convenient, and trustworthy laundry washing services to their customers in Binghamton. With a team of Laundry Care Specialists, they strive to deliver clean, fast, and professional dry cleaning services.