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Coated Outdoor Furniture Logo

Coated Outdoor Furniture

Whitney, TX

Coated Outdoor Furniture is a reputable provider of heavy-duty picnic tables and benches. With their commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, they offer a wide range of coated outdoor products that are designed to withstand the elements, resist vandalism, and provide long-lasting use. Their inventory includes a variety of picnic tables such as square, rectangle, and round options, as well as handicap accessible models. They also offer outdoor benches with or without backs.

What sets Coated Outdoor Furniture apart is their coating technology that ensures exceptional resistance against wear and tear. Their products come in a wide array of colors including black, brown, green, red, light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow, gray, tan, purple, and burgundy. In addition to solid colors, they also offer textured options like textured black, textured brown, textured green, textured red, textured light blue, and textured sandstone.

With their dedication to providing top-notch outdoor furniture that can be enjoyed year after year, Coated Outdoor Furniture has established a solid reputation in the industry. Whether you need picnic tables for parks or benches for outdoor seating areas, you can trust Coated Outdoor Furniture to deliver high-quality products that meet your needs.