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Coles Aircraft

Zanesville, OH
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Ron Cole's Aircraft is a renowned online store that specializes in historic aviation art and relic displays. Founded in 2006 by Ron Cole, an artist and designer with a background in industrial design and product development, the store offers a wide range of unique and limited-edition displays. Ron combines authenticated parts of historic aircraft with his original artwork to create handmade wall-hanging and desktop displays.

The website features various products, including displays featuring relics from iconic aircraft such as the B-25B Mitchell, Pfalz D.XII, Japanese Navy landing gear position indicator, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, and more. Each display is meticulously crafted and combines artistry with authentic pieces of aviation history.

With over 170 original works of aviation art released, Ron Cole's Aircraft has become a go-to destination for aviation enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the fusion of art and history. The store regularly introduces new editions, ensuring that there is always something exciting for customers to discover.