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Comet is a company that specializes in the production of dietary fibers, specifically arabinoxylan. They have developed a proprietary line of ARRABINA dietary fibers that come in multiple grades of fully soluble powders to meet various formulation needs. These powders are versatile, with no taste, color, cost, or performance trade-offs. They have been proven to have tolerability and health claims and can be included at low rates in formulations. Comet emphasizes sustainability and has a low impact on the environment with their production process. They offer two main grades of ARRABINA, one with polyphenol antioxidants and another that is colorless and versatile for various applications. Comet's manufacturing facility produces over 4 million kilograms of ARRABINA annually using their patented upcycling technology. They have headquarters in London, ON and Schaumburg, IL.