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CopperPet is a business that offers high-quality pet beds, pet bowls, pet blankets, and dog collars. Their products are designed with comfort and durability in mind, ensuring that your furry friend has the best sleeping and dining experience. The pet beds feature a cuddly soft and super plush Sherpa sleep surface, with sides wrapped in easy-care durable fabric. The luxurious Sherpa topper is copper infused to naturally control odor and unwanted bacteria. The beds also use 4" thick orthopedic cooling memory foam to provide support for joints and improve air circulation. The removable and machine washable cover makes it easy to keep the bed clean. CopperPet's products are suitable for various applications, including crates, kennels, cars, offices, and any room in the home.

Unfortunately, no information about the history of CopperPet is provided on their website.