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Course Creek

Sun Valley, ID

CourseCreek offers a range of services in the areas of digital marketing, eLearning, and content creation. In terms of digital marketing, they provide Fractional CMO services where seasoned experts drive sales by implementing an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy. They also offer SEO, paid Google and Facebook advertising, social media management (SMM), lead generation, and LinkedIn outreach services.

For eLearning, CourseCreek offers live training course development to maximize learner retention and revenue growth. They also provide services like course creation (courseCREATE) where they design and build online courses using trained instructional designers and implementation managers. Additionally, they offer course correction (courseCORRECT) to help migrate, rebuild funnels, update copy, and deploy marketing campaigns.

In the area of content creation, CourseCreek offers instructional design services using A.D.D.I.E certified designers to develop engaging and effective courses. They also provide video production and editing services to elevate course content with high-quality videos from their on-location studio.

To learn more about their services or to schedule a meeting, interested individuals can visit their website or book a free strategy session.