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Cowboy State Bank is a hometown bank in Sheridan and Ranchester, Wyoming. They offer personal and small business banking services to the local communities. For personal banking, they provide various checking and savings account options, including free checking, interest checking, personal savings, and CDs. They also offer loans for agriculture, home, personal, and commercial/business purposes. In addition, Cowboy State Bank supports local businesses by providing small business checking accounts, business savings accounts, loans, and a Visa Business Card. The bank takes pride in being a small business that helps other small businesses thrive by offering personalized service to its customers.

Customer Spotlight: Sackett’s Market is a local grocery store that focuses on offering quality foods without chemicals, additives, or preservatives. They feature all-natural meats, cheeses, beverages, produce, and dairy products. Many of their items are sourced from Wyoming and Montana. Another customer spotlight is Innominate Coffeehouse & Bakery located in Ranchester. This unique bakery and coffeehouse has an open floorplan where customers can watch the bakers at work while enjoying freshly baked pastries and breakfast/lunch items. Cowboy State Bank supported Innominate by providing financing tailored to their specific needs.

Overall, Cowboy State Bank is committed to serving its community by providing banking solutions for both individuals and small businesses while supporting local ventures like Sackett's Market and Innominate Coffeehouse & Bakery.