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Credit Rent Boost is a subsidiary of 950 Credit, Inc. that was founded in September 2016. The company was established to address the needs of credit-challenged individuals who consistently paid their rent on time but were not receiving credit for their payments. Credit Rent Boost aims to help these individuals by reporting their rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax, thereby improving their credit profiles.

The company's mission is to provide products and services that enhance the creditworthiness of its customers. Credit Rent Boost achieves this through the use of innovative technology to automate processes and offer competitive rates. They prioritize security and professionalism when handling customers' financial information while maintaining a family-oriented and fun work environment.

By reporting rent payments, Credit Rent Boost helps tenants establish a positive credit history, which can lead to improved financial opportunities in the future. Whether it's ongoing monthly rent reporting or past rent reporting for up to two years, Credit Rent Boost offers solutions that can help individuals boost their credit scores effectively and efficiently.