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Crystal Lily Creative is a brand coach and diversity consultant that believes in empowering leaders by helping them create tools to form relationships that support their growth and purpose without sacrificing integrity. They are dedicated to creating positive growth and change within communities and advocate for safety and equality to be rights, not privileges. Crystal Lily Creative works with leaders and brands to disrupt the status quo and create inclusive, human-focused environments rooted in core values. They offer services such as inclusive branding, leadership development consulting, brand photography, aligned values guided workbook, empowered branding, masterclasses, coaching, and the Aligned Mastermind.

Crystal Lily Creative was originally a photography brand established in 2016. In response to business owners' interest in building more inclusive businesses, they expanded their services in 2019 to become diversity and inclusion branding consultants. With over 15 years of corporate experience combined with creative passion, Crystal Lily Creative provides inclusive brand consulting and leadership development experiences. They believe that core values are essential to any business and use this philosophy in their brand photography and business coaching to help leaders define their brand and connect with people on a meaningful level.