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The Curtis Johnson Team in Chandler, AZ, specializes in real estate and homes for sale in various locations such as Casa Grande, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, and more. Led by Team Leader Justin Dols and Founder/CEO Curtis Johnson, the team offers a wide range of property options including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and rentals. They provide detailed property listings on their website along with information about the team members and resources for buyers and sellers.

Established with a strong presence in the Arizona real estate market, The Curtis Johnson Team focuses on providing excellent service to clients seeking to buy or sell properties in the area. With a dedicated team of experienced real estate professionals like Buddy Barnes and Kristi Pendgraft among others, the agency ensures that customers receive personalized attention and expertise throughout their real estate journey. From just listed properties to open house events and reduced listings, they keep clients informed about the latest market trends and property opportunities.