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DM Vans is a company that is more than just van builders; they are van lifers themselves. The founders, Dave and Matt, have a shared experience of living in vans and a passion for adventure and exploration. They have partnered with like-minded individuals who bring their own strengths to the company's mission of making van life accessible to everyone.

DM Vans offers a range of lifestyle vehicles that are built with unmatched quality and affordability. Their vans are designed to cater to the needs of different types of travelers. Whether you're looking for efficient space utilization and affordability with the LV3, or the combination of comfort and modern technology with the LV5, or even the largest interior space for ultimate living area and storage with the LV7, DM Vans has a van that suits your preferences.

Beyond building vans, DM Vans also believes in fostering a community. They share inspiring stories on their website and have created partnerships to enhance the van life experience. Their goal is to support individuals as they embark on their own van life journeys and create cherished memories on the road.