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Abrams, WI

Decorative Films by Mary Anne offers a variety of window films for different purposes. They provide both adhesive and non-adhesive options in various materials and thicknesses.

For those looking for privacy, they offer frosted privacy films and window clings. These films provide complete privacy, are viewable from both sides, and can be used for back lighting purposes to obscure what's behind the film.

Transparent adhesive window clings and films are available for those who want a clear or see-through effect. These films allow light to come into the room and can be seen from both inside and outside. The level of transparency depends on the color chosen.

Light blocking films are also offered for those who want to block out 99% of the light coming into the room.

In addition to these options, Decorative Films by Mary Anne provides view-through vinyl perforated/one-way vision film, wall mount wall murals, and mural display materials.

Overall, they have a wide range of window film options to suit different needs and preferences.