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DigIt Signage Technologies Corp Logo

DigIt Signage Technologies Corp

5 Hub Dr, Melville, NY 11747

DigIt Signage Technologies Corporation, operating under the name ChyTV, offers high-quality digital signage and broadcast television solutions with a rich history rooted in developing graphic systems for major networks like FOX and ABC. Their ChyTV products cater to various industries such as retail, education, government, and healthcare by providing customizable digital signage solutions for displaying information, advertising, and security alerts. Additionally, their broadcast television solutions include standalone systems supporting various video formats for applications in cable head-ends, public television stations, and government facilities.

With a team boasting 25+ years of experience in the industry, DigIt Signage Technologies prides itself on delivering cost-effective yet high-end video graphics solutions that are easy to manage and flexible. Their ChyTV systems can dynamically render text and images controlled or updated from external sources like XML or SQL. Moreover, they offer custom software applications and developer kits for tailored solutions to meet specific client needs across different sectors.