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Distinct Painting

Loveland, CO
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Distinct Painting Co is a reputable painting and construction contractor based in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a focus on delivering top-quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service, they have become one of the leading house painting companies in the Front Range area.

Their services include both interior and exterior painting, where their team of skilled house painters specializes in providing high-quality finishes for living spaces. In addition to painting, Distinct Painting Co also offers a range of construction services such as restoration and new construction projects, staining and finishes, siding installation, and gutter services.

What sets Distinct Painting Co apart is their commitment to excellence. They pay close attention to detail, communicate with customers throughout the duration of the project, and operate within budget and specified time frames. Furthermore, they offer an impressive 8-year warranty on all their work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2007 by Kane Robinson, Distinct Painting Co has grown steadily by delivering exceptional results and building long-lasting relationships with clients in Fort Collins and beyond.