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Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is a NOFA-NY certified organic family farm located near Syracuse, New York. They are dedicated to providing fresh and high-quality food options to their community. The farm offers a wide variety of seasonal produce, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They also have a selection of garden plants and flowers available for purchase.

In addition to their fresh produce, Dizzy Lizzie's Farm produces maple syrup and a range of value-added products. These include homemade spices and spice blends, candied hot peppers, jams, relishes, and more. All of their value-added products are made using ingredients from their own garden.

Dizzy Lizzie's Farm started in 2012 when Dizzy Lizzie and Tractor Man purchased a house with a 102-acre plot of land. With a passion for providing healthy and high-quality food options for their family and community, they began homesteading the land and officially started the farm business. Over the years, the farm has expanded its offerings and achieved organic certification in 2014.

Visitors can connect with Dizzy Lizzie's Farm by visiting their physical location or subscribing to their newsletter. The farm also hosts events like the Celebration of the Autumn Equinox with Chef Deborah, offering a unique farm-to-table experience for attendees. Overall, Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is committed to bringing fresh organic produce and other farm products to the local community in Central New York.