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108 N Union Ave, Cranford, NJ 07016
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DoughMate® is a leading provider of pizza dough proofing boxes, carts, and dough cutters. Their pizza dough trays are preferred by professionals in the pizza industry, both in the USA and internationally, for the storage and proofing of pizza dough balls. These trays are also used as transportation trays for dough balls in commissary systems. DoughMate® has been a global leader in dough ball handling solutions for over 25 years.

The pizza dough trays from DoughMate® are sturdy, reusable, and cost-effective compared to other packaging methods. They are lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and more efficient to use than individual pizza dough tins or sheet pans. The trays can hold pizza dough balls in various size configurations and are designed to nest within each other, eliminating the need for racks. They are dust-free and airtight when nested, making them perfect for both proofing and storage.

DoughMate® pizza dough trays are manufactured using high-impact FDA-certified thermoplastic materials that do not splinter or crack like fiberglass trays. All of their products, including dough proofing boxes, carts, cutters, and more, are proudly made in America by Madan Plastics Inc., based in Cranford, New Jersey.