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DuPage Immediate Care is an urgent care center and walk-in clinic located in Oakbrook, IL. They have been providing their services to the community for several years. The clinic is open seven days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM, offering convenient access to medical care when it's needed the most.

DuPage Immediate Care provides a wide range of medical services to address various health concerns. Their team of board-certified physicians and experienced staff are equipped to handle illnesses and injuries such as cuts, scrapes, stitches, lacerations, minor trauma, abscesses, urinary tract infections (UTIs), seasonal allergies, asthma treatment, pneumonia, food poisoning, and COVID-19 treatment. They also offer rapid lab tests and screenings including COVID-19 testing and STD/HIV testing. X-rays and diagnostics are available on-site for prompt evaluation and diagnosis.

In addition to urgent care services, DuPage Immediate Care also offers comprehensive primary care services. They provide annual physicals, blood tests, mental health care, vaccinations (including COVID-19 vaccines), women's health care, and sexual health screenings.

The clinic prides itself on providing high-quality care with minimal wait times at an affordable cost. They accept most insurance plans to ensure that patients can receive the necessary care without financial strain.

Whether it's a sudden illness or injury or routine healthcare needs, DuPage Immediate Care is dedicated to serving the Oakbrook community with reliable and efficient medical care.