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edu Business Solutions

630 Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92101
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EDU Business Solutions offers simple and reliable software solutions to in-plant print shops and copy centers. Since 2002, they have been dedicated to providing software that helps their customers reduce costs, automate processes, enhance customer service, and build a brand recognized for quality and excellence. Their product lineup includes print MIS and web-to-print software, template solutions for brand management, and package and mail tracking software. Some of their key offerings include Print Shop Pro®, a fully automated print MIS and web-to-print software solution that helps manage daily print operations; Design Conductor®, a web-based template creation and management solution that puts users in control of their organization's images, graphics, and messaging; Template Marketplace, offering curated pre-designed template collections for teachers and educators; and Smart Track Pro™, a web-based package tracking solution. Overall, EDU Business Solutions aims to maximize resources for their clients with their user-friendly software solutions.