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eos Outdoor Services is a landscape maintenance company that offers residential and commercial landscaping services. The co-owners, Jody Lenes and Bill Turley, bring extensive experience to the industry. Jody started by mowing lawns in the neighborhood and expanded to provide landscape design/build services in Howard and Montgomery counties. Bill gained valuable knowledge working at national landscape companies before joining forces with Jody to establish eos Outdoor Services. The company focuses on forming personal connections with customers and collaborating closely with each one to transform their outdoor space into a haven they adore. They prioritize recruiting the finest landscape designers, foremen, masons, horticulturists, landscapers, and other highly skilled experts. Continuous training ensures the ongoing refinement of their skills.

The services offered by eos Outdoor Services include design, installation, and maintenance of outdoor areas. Their creative and knowledgeable design team can create outdoor areas that can be enjoyed throughout every season. The experienced production crews excel at every element of landscape installation, from simple design elements to intricate master plans. Additionally, the dedicated maintenance crews pay attention to detail to make each property look great.

For a personalized touch, eos Outdoor Services functions as a team alongside their clients to accomplish unbiased results every day of the year. Their mission is to deliver impartial outcomes in a realm prone to subjectivity by embracing an open feedback system. The company strives to become a trustworthy and exceptional enterprise where employees cherish their work tasks and customers are given top priority.

Contact eos Outdoor Services for all landscaping needs in Ellicott City, Maryland at 1-410-648-2820 or visit their website for more information.