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Elizabeth Dane is a holistic medicine doctor who specializes in metabolic balance coaching. By drawing on both Western and Eastern medicine, Dr. Dane has identified six basic patterns of energy and personality, which she calls "Meta-Types." These Meta-Types are determined by the dominant action of either the parasympathetic (Yin energy) or the sympathetic nervous system (Yang energy) within a person's body.

The Meta-Types include Accelerators, Balanced Accelerators, Mixed Accelerators, Synthesizers, Balanced Synthesizers, and Mixed Synthesizers. Each Meta-Type has unique characteristics and metabolic tendencies that influence not only the rate at which they burn calories but also their cravings for particular foods, energy levels throughout the day, and overall well-being.

Dr. Dane's Metabolic Balance Coaching Program helps individuals understand their Meta-Type and provides comprehensive guidance to live a balanced life according to their energy patterns. This includes personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle choices to optimize their health and vitality.

To determine your Meta-Type and learn more about Dr. Dane's approach to metabolic balance coaching, you can take a free online Meta-Type profile questionnaire on her website. The program aims to help individuals become the most vibrant, vital, and healthy versions of themselves by aligning their body's energy with their unique personality traits.