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Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, has optimized its major air-conditioning (AC) and refrigeration compressor platforms for reliable use with A2L refrigerants while improving performance. This optimization is aimed at helping industry stakeholders transition to lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and meet sustainability goals and environmental regulations. Copeland's A2L-optimized compression technologies include refrigerants such as R-32, R-454B, R-455A, R-454C, and R-454A for various applications.

The company has also qualified rotalock service fittings and electronic componentry for use with A2L refrigerants, ensuring safety and reliability. Copeland has made significant investments in its global laboratory and manufacturing facilities to accommodate A2L product development. With 42 A2L performance test rooms, 240 A2L life testing stands, state-of-the-art power electronics lab, psychrometric and environmental chambers, and additional testing capabilities in manufacturing facilities, Copeland is committed to delivering high-quality A2L compressor technologies.

By optimizing its compressor platforms for use with A2L refrigerants, Copeland is playing a crucial role in the HVACR industry's transition to lower GWP refrigerants. With a focus on sustainability and decarbonization goals, Copeland's innovative solutions contribute to the ongoing efforts to create a more environmentally friendly built environment.

This information was fetched from an article on the FMLink website that provides detailed insights into Copeland's optimization of compressor platforms. FMLink is a comprehensive online magazine and resource for facilities management professionals.