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Merrick Seafood & Fish Tale Grill is a fish and seafood market located in Cape Coral, Florida. They have been family-owned and operated since 1991, offering a variety of premium quality seafood from local and international sources. In addition to the market, they also have an on-site restaurant called Fish Tale Grill, which has been consistently voted as the top seafood restaurant in Cape Coral. The restaurant offers a varied menu of fresh seafood options, including lunch, dinner, and a famous Sunday brunch. They take pride in serving seafood that is just arrived and filleted that very day for the freshest experience possible. Customers can also find ready-made dishes in their gourmet market for convenient dining options.

The market offers a wide selection of fresh fin and shellfish from both local sources and around the world. They also provide seafood platters that are perfect for any occasion, including shrimp, crab, lobster, and more. Merrick Seafood & Fish Tale Grill is committed to providing quality seafood to their customers and invites everyone to visit their downtown Cape Coral location to explore all they have to offer.