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Florida Metrology is a reputable calibration service provider that has been operating since 1991. They specialize in offering calibration services for measuring tools and equipment across the United States. With their dedicated service team, they provide a comprehensive scope of metrology calibration services, including precision measurement equipment repair and contract inspection services.

One of the key highlights of Florida Metrology is their commitment to precision and accuracy. They take pride in providing customers with the most precise measuring tools and equipment for their measurement needs. Whether it's dimensional test equipment or precision measuring tools, their goal is to always find the right equipment that suits the specific application.

Florida Metrology is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited through A2LA, ensuring that they adhere to international standards. They use NIST traceable standards and A2LA accredited methods for their on-site or in-lab calibration services on a wide variety of measurement equipment.

Overall, with their extensive experience and dedication to precision, Florida Metrology is a trusted choice for businesses in need of reliable calibration services and high-quality measuring tools.