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Freedom Title Loans Logo

Freedom Title Loans

421 Caldwell Boulevard, Nampa, ID 83651
✅ webKnow Trusted Business

Freedom Title Loans is a reputable car title loan provider in Boise and Nampa, Idaho. They specialize in offering low-interest title loans with larger loan amounts and fewer requirements compared to other companies. Customers can easily get an estimate of their loan amount directly on the website without the need for a credit check or insurance. Freedom Title Loans takes pride in providing excellent customer service and being the go-to specialists for car title loans.

The company offers an easy and hassle-free process, with no credit checks or insurance required. They are willing to work with customers who have out-of-state plates or temporary tags. Freedom Title Loans also provides refinancing options for those looking to refinance their existing car title loans.

Customers have praised Freedom Title Loans for its helpful and friendly staff, excellent customer service, and going the extra mile to assist them during their time of need. Additionally, the company offers a $100 cash incentive for referring a friend who obtains a car title loan of $500 or more.

To visit one of their two locations, customers can stop by the Boise location at 6927 West Fairview Avenue or the Nampa location at 421 Caldwell Boulevard #101. Both locations have convenient store hours throughout the week, including Saturday hours by appointment.

Overall, Freedom Title Loans is a trusted provider of car title loans in Idaho known for its competitive rates, personalized service, and commitment to meeting customers' financial needs.