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Freedom Warranty offers a range of extended vehicle protection plans for both new and used cars. They understand the importance of having a reliable warranty for your vehicle, regardless of its age or mileage. Their used car warranties are designed specifically for vehicles that are 10 years old and beyond, providing peace of mind to drivers who want to ensure they won't be burdened with expensive repairs.

Freedom Warranty's extended vehicle protection plans cover a wide range of repairs, including engine, drive axle, transmission, and air-conditioning. They also offer benefits such as rental car coverage and roadside assistance. Whether you own an economy car or a classic vehicle, Freedom Warranty has extended warranty options for all makes and models.

They pride themselves on offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring that their customers receive affordable coverage without any surprises. If you're looking for comprehensive and inclusive extended vehicle protection services, contact Freedom Warranty at (877) 249-4186.