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HCO Wealth is a financial advisor and wealth management consultancy based in Roanoke. They offer a comprehensive range of services designed to protect and grow clients' wealth, including advanced tax strategies, asset protection, family protection, and estate planning and administration. HCO Wealth takes pride in their innovative approach to financial management, utilizing their proprietary LIFT Framework to cover every aspect of clients' legal, investing, financial, and tax situation. They also highlight their independence and nimbleness, allowing them to prioritize clients' interests and bring innovative financial solutions to every aspect of their lives. HCO Wealth is backed by institutional-level systems and has a strong network of expert partners in various fields such as portfolio strategists, tax experts, business attorneys, estate planning attorneys, private banking experts, medical practice managers, commercial bankers, insurance agents, tax credit advisors, real estate agents, and corporate trustees.

In terms of investment products, HCO Wealth offers a range of options including the HCO Smart Index sector advantage strategy that closely tracks the S&P 500 index for investors seeking market performance with potential tax advantages. They also provide the HCO Quantum strategies such as the Nova Stock Strategy for growth-oriented investors and the Dividend Stock Strategy for capital preservation. Additionally, HCO Private Wealth offers bond ladders that provide control over maturity and credit quality compared to mutual funds or index funds. They also have alternative strategies involving real estate investment trusts (REITs), gold investments, hedge funds, and more.

For those seeking a second opinion on their financial situation or investment portfolio, HCO Wealth provides a 2nd Opinion Service. This service involves completing online forms about your financial profile and goals followed by an introductory call to review the results and discuss next steps.